About Shandi Coltes

My name is Shandi Coltes.  I have been married to Josh Coltes for three years. I was born and raised in Clinton, Utah. I have five brothers and four sisters. I have one daughter and one son. I have twenty-one nieces and nephews. When I’m not at Smart Start Learning Centers you can find me at home working on some kind of project. I enjoy doing crafts and making cards. My husband and I have successfully flipped our first house and plan to do more. I worked at Kid’s First Child Care for six years.  While I was on staff at Kid’s First, I earned my CDA (Child Development Associate) for infants and toddlers. In order to receive my CDA I had to have 120 hours of training hours of professional education in the 8 CDA areas, worked 480 hours directly with children ages birth-36 months, create a portfolio, pass an observation and pass a written test.  Also, I worked with the Baby Steps Quality Improvement Grant Program which is three years. During those three years, I set goals with a program specialist and transformed the classroom into something pretty amazing. I did a lot of trainings, did inventory lists, made a supply list, did many observations, and helped others to get the classroom to where it should be. I am qualified to identify and develop child development milestones that can be integrated into each child’s early learning program.  I understand each Child’s social and individual needs and strengths as well as the many challenges our children face each day. My goal is to have each and every child feel comfortable and safe. I am committed that the children in my care will be taken care of and loved.