Smart Start Enrollment Forms (click to review):

  • 1- Handbook.
    This is Smart Start Learning Centers policies, philosophy, hours and tuition for registering children at the center.
  • 2- Application.
    This form has all the information we need to enroll your child(ren). It has parent contact information and emergency contacts.
  • 3- Utah Immunization Form.
    A record of your child’s immunizations.
  • 4- Child Health Assessment Form.
    This form is about your child’s health. It helps us to know if there are any health concerns, we need to be aware of.
  • 5- Get to know your child.
    This helps us to know about your child’s likes and dislikes. So we will know how to best help them.
  • 6- Sign contract and Facebook agreement.
    This is your contract for the center and let’s us know if we can post pictures.
  • 7- Tuition payment contract.
    This contract has the different fees that we charge.
  • 8- IEF Form.
    This form allows us to be reimbursed for the meal’s children eat.
  • 9- DWS Childcare Assistance.
    This form is for parents that receive state assistance to pay for their childcare.
  • 10- Transportation Policy.
    This form is for children that will be transported before and after school. It has the rules each child must follow for everyone’s safety.