Smart Start Learning Centers’s Philosophy At Smart Start Learning Centers we set the highest standards. Smart Start Learning Centers’s mission and purpose is to provide developmental and age appropriate activities to help children grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. We do this by the following:

  • We require our teachers to have extensive training in child development to meet the needs of the children under our care.
  • Each week the teachers are required to provide a lesson plan tailored to their specific classroom. We teach from the children’s interests. The lesson plans are designed to help the children prepare for school and life.
  • We not only provide opportunities for the children to go outside and play, we also encourage group activities to promote emotional and social growth in a positive environment.
  • We have a positive climate that teaches consequences in a way that encourage healthy self-regulation, giving the ability to control impulses, solve conflicts and regulate emotions.

Each classroom provides a positive learning atmosphere including a wide variety of fun and exciting learning experiences for the children.

  • In our infant room we have a lot of sensory activities, read books for language development, tummy time, and have activities for children to reach their milestones.
  • Our toddlers enjoy outside activities, parallel playing, increasing vocabulary, and learning what things are. Toddlers start to learn a routine and get on a schedule.
  • Two’s are learning by leaps and bounds. They are curious and ready to learn social skills, gross and fine motor skills, basic academics, and potty training. Their excitement makes learning fun.
  • Three’s and Pre-K use Creative Curriculum, Second Steps for social and emotional, Conscious Discipline for re-direction. We use Study Starters to teach with fun activities in each center. We teach fine and gross motor skills, literacy, science, art, music, math and social/emotional skills.
  • School age have an action packed summer camp with lots of fun activities and field trips. We also have a before/after school program. We transport to and from many local schools. School age have a foosball table and air hockey to promote teamwork and sportsmanship.

We are committed to your child’s success in both social skills and early stage academics. Our goal is to have each and every child be successful at school and in life. We have excellent teachers to help your child be prepared and ready for school.