I’m Hannah, I have been working with children since 2005. I love interacting and being with children. I teach the toddler class. I love watching the children learn and have ah-ha moments. Toddlers are discovering their world. They are fearless and love trying new things.



I’m Amanda, I started working with kids professionally since Sept. 2004. I am the assistant director here at Smart Start Learning Centers. Two-year olds are my favorite age. I love to potty training and the looks on their faces when you teach them something new. I have been with my husband since I was 19. I do have two pit bulls named Ryot and Teraz and a cat named Sage that are my babies.


I’m Mr. Justin and I am currently the School-Age teacher at Smart Start Learning Centers. I have been in childcare since June 2012. I have over 200 hours of professional class trainings. I am the youngest of 4 kids. I have two brothers and one sister. My parents have been happily married since 1982. We didn’t have a lot when we were younger, but we had each other. My favorite quote is “Some people dream of meeting their hero, I teach mine.”

I’m Katelyn I have been in child care since August of 2014. I have been in the infants, toddlers, and twos class. I enjoy playing with the little ones and seeing them grow! I enjoy being able to watch them because of their individual personalities and it helps me grow and learn in this field as much as them.    



Hi, I’m Kimber and I work in the office part time. I have been here since September of last year and this is the first time I have worked in child care! It has been such a learning experience and I have grown to love daycare and these kids so much over the last 6 months. I have my bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. I have loved working with the children and families here at Smart Start Learning Centers.  

My name is Shawnda. I have been working in childcare since March 2015. I have 3 daughters and 1 dog. In childcare, I have worked in the baby room, two’s class, and the fours class. I am currently one of the teachers in the two’s class. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My favorite things to drink are coffee and Dr. Pepper.


 Hello! I am Jasmine and I teach the three’s class at Smart Start Learning Centers. I started in childcare in 2019 in my home state of Florida. I taught the two’s class. After working with my first class, I knew that teaching and taking care of kids was something I was made for. To me, a child is the most pure and delicate life on Earth. The way they are taught and treated shapes them. I knew I wanted to be that light in a child’s life. I strive each day to have my class be a safe, loving, and learning space where kids learn to care for one another rather than fight with each other. Being a childcare teacher may be trying at times but when I see the smiles on all my kids’ faces, it makes it worth every hard moment. I think of all my students as my own kids, because I would not love or respect them any differently than I would if I had children of my own. Smart Start is an amazing school and that is why it was my first choice when moving to the area. I love all my kids and the staff, and I know other children and parents would love it too.

I am Dyvona, I work throughout the center in many different classes. I got into childcare because I love to see how children’s imagination and knowledge grows. I love doing fun learning activities with the children. One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning during circle time. I love going over the calendar and days each morning with the kids because I love seeing the joy in their eyes as they learn of the days of the week. To me the calendar seems such a simple thing but seeing it through the eyes of a child and the joy it brings them brings me so much joy that lasts me through the rest of the day!

Hi, I’m Lindsay Fisher. My first experience in childcare was volunteering in a classroom for Head Start with Marcie in 2017. After I had my first child, I became a nanny. I enjoyed that for a few years and then left the childcare scene in pursuit of a high dollar job. After having my second child and spending a lot of time away from my family, I realized I needed more time with my kids and chose to work at Smart Start. I have been greatly rewarded by the experience and I have felt my relationships with my own children grow. I have also felt incredible love and growth with all of my students. I feel like I have found my calling in life. I am excited to continue learning with my class and explore new things all the time. My favorite subjects to teach are math and art. I also love to read books and do silly voices. I plan to continue childcare as my career path. 

 My name is Holly. I started in childcare Sept. 2020. I have always been around children and taken care of children. I took child development, childcare and worked in my high school preschool.  When I began to get nieces and nephews, I would be the main babysitter for them. Sometimes having up to 10 kids at a time with most under the age of 5. I helped raise 2 of my nieces up until they were 5. Basically, I had 2 sets of twins all the time, 2 being my own. Being an infant teacher came naturally when the time came to work at Smart Start. My girls attended here for almost 2 years before I started here, loving all the staff. After 1 ½ years of being a single full-time mom never seeing my girls, I got the chance to join the amazing staff here. Getting to see my 2 girls anytime I want and getting to do what I love: hanging out and teaching infants.


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